Throughout the year the needs of our skin change, so we must adapt our routine to make it look as beautiful as possible.

Spring brings us changes in both temperature and humidity, but summer is usually a more stable season, characterized above all by high temperatures, sun exposure and also contact with other types of waters that we are not used to throughout the year.

We will start from these 3 points to modify our routine:

High temperatures: this will cause us to sweat more, so we must opt ​​for more fluid textures. We will change creams for lotion or lotion for gel or gel cream for example. In this way, the fat content of the moisturizer will decrease, which will make our skin feel less loaded. Many brands have lighter products with more suitable assets to apply in summer.

Sun exposure: solar action has several consequences that we must consider, one well known as photo aging and the other hyperkeratinization.

In summer it is even more important to choose a broad spectrum sunscreen, which not only prevents us from sunburn, but also has antioxidants that improve protection, and also protects from UVA radiation, which is what causes wrinkles and spots. People with fair skin should also enhance the effect

with an oral supplement with antioxidants specific for the sun and start taking it before the summer season. As for hyperkeratinization, it is a process by which the skin thickens, producing more acne in people who have a tendency to it and only due to greater exposure to the sun. If you cannot avoid sun exposure to some extent, introduce a product into your routine with salicylic acid, such as a toner.