This active ingredient refers to the polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for our skin barrier to be intact.

These fatty acids are essential and we must provide them externally, both in our diet and through cosmetics. We talk about linoleic acid and

primarily linolenic.

When we notice rough, dull, thickened and flaky skin, the first thing that comes to mind is that we need a peel or exfoliation, but we don't

We suggest that it may be necessary to provide essential fatty acids.

In fact, a dry skin does not need peeling or exfoliating in principle since we can make it worse, but it lacks essential fatty acid content.

Once we start a treatment of this type, in a matter of a few days we will notice how our skin recovers.

This problem can occur both in dry skin (which itself lacks lipids and among them essential fatty acids) or in combination-oily skin, in which the

Fat composition is unbalanced and therefore is turned off and dehydrated.

In both cases it is a good strategy to use a cosmetic that includes them. Specifically, Vitamin F is in an ester format and has shown not only the decrease

in the transepidermal loss of water, but also a restructuring of the epidermis and more specifically the stratum corneum.

Our skin will be more complete and will show that natural and healthy glow.