Juicing, la técnica de cuidado facial a la que vas a ser adicta este verano

Juicing, the facial care technique to which you are going to be addicted this summer

When spring arrives, a fairly common concern arises that, although it is not serious at all, is a source of insecurity for many -and many, of course-. Yes, we are talking about paleness, that faithful companion that accompanies us for most of the year, but it is in these hot months when we would most like to 'split pears' with it. It's not the right shade to start wearing a skirt and sandals, it doesn't look so good with that new green top you just bought and it's not the finish you most want when you step on the beach for the first time, be honest, because nobody she wants to look like a foreigner when she arrives on the beaches of Mallorca, Fuerteventura or Sancti Petri, to name just a few.

Juicier skin, a tanned tone, maximum hydration and a younger appearance… There are no downsides! They are the qualities of your skin when you sign up for Juicing, a trend that looks like it will be vox populi this spring and, possibly, during the summer

Do not worry, dear beauty user, because we have a solution and, although we have to admit that it has not occurred to us, but to several beauty experts, you will be fascinated. Its name is JUICING, we put it in capital letters so you can remember it more easily and, as explained by Daniel Jiménez, cosmetologist and technical director of Skin Generics and CEO of BeLab Services, "it is postulated as the hybrid skincare and color trend during the summer because of how comfortable and easy it is. It allows the skin to show off several shades more tan without putting it at risk, while providing maximum hydration, which will make the skin not only have a healthy color, it will also be juicier, illuminated, with fewer wrinkles and with a sensation of perfect jovality”.

What does JUICING consist of?

Let's get to the heart of the matter, because surely you are in a hurry and, when you read the headline, the first thing you wanted was to come see this part. Get yourself a good hyaluronic acid serum and a self-tanning serum , because that's all you need to achieve the perfect Juicing . "We only have to apply about six drops of moisturizing serum to our hand, to which we will add about four of self-tanner," explains Daniel Jiménez, who adds that: "It is better to do it in the night routine, to let the activity of the self-tanner perform while we sleep and we will see when we wake up how our skin is juicier and with a perfect tone”.

It's easy, because surely you already used a night serum, now you just have to replace it -or add- one of hyaluronic acid and this self-tanner. We know how you are and the question that will be arising: how often do I do the juicing technique? "Actually, we could do it daily, although, in order not to saturate the color in a few days, my advice is to do it two or three nights in a row and then every two or three days, as a maintenance dose," says Jiménez .

What will you notice?

You will notice the best of both worlds: all the good things about hyaluronic acid with that ideal shade of self-tanner: “skin will look much smoother when filled with hyaluronic acid, while it will be perceived as juicier, luminous and with less of a sensation of signs of age, especially wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, we will give a healthy tone to the skin without compromising it by not exposing it to solar radiation”, concludes the expert.